4 thoughts on “More Art From Irony Chan

  1. There’s something just so unintentionally acerbic about Medieval Artie’s line. I guess this incarnation has something of a The Brain-like personality.

  2. Instead of either The Brain or Pinky, I see Artie as more their son, Romy.  He’s a mish-mash of genes, trying to break free from the restrictive lab environment in which he was raised and make a place for himself in an uncaring world.  Even the nicknames are similar (“Artie” for RT-5478, “Romy” for Roman Numeral II).

    (TUNE: Theme from “Pinky and The Brain”, Richard Stone & Tom Ruegger)

    See Artie as a man!
    Here’s Artie as a man!
    See him depicted
    By Irony-Chan!
    With dreadlocks on his head,
    And existential dread,
    This smartie … is Artie as a man, man, man, man,
    Man, man, man, man,

    He’s looking quite confused
    And terrified as well,
    Because he’s being used
    As human shield by Mell!

    It’s Artie as a man!
    Yes, Artie as a man!
    He’ll do what he can,
    His Mom has no plan!
    Compassionate and smart,
    A lib’ral bleeding-heart!
    This smartie … is Artie as a man, man, man, man,
    Man, man, man, man,

  3. I love Medieval Mel’s line-“Dude, it ain’t alchamey unless something blows up!” The drawings are adorable.Hee, and Human Artie’s ‘oh, crap!!!” freaked out expression while behind him Mel has her ‘A hunting we shall go, yo” face on.

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