More Art from Andrew Farago

I’m too darn lazy to draw a Sunday strip this week, so consummate guest artist Andrew Farago did these completely random and unrelated pinups for me, featuring the cast as some of his favorite cartoon characters. Here’s Dave as Popeye:
This strip is dedicated to E.C. Segar.
Here’s Mell as Understanding Comics narrator and scheming Narbonic nemesis Scott McCloud:
This strip is dedicated to Scott McCloud.
And here’s Helen in the style of either Keith Knight or Nina Paley, your pick. They’re close personal friends of Andrew’s, or at least he met them a couple of times. But don’t ask them about it.
This strip is dedicated to Keith Knight & Nina Paley.

Another Sunday feature that’s been missing from the archives for a while. Judging from this and the Andrew-assisted material from the previous Sunday, I must have been overworked and forcing him to pick up my slack. Poor Andrew.

I think the third drawing started as a Keith Knight pastiche until Andrew decided it looked more like a Nina Paley pastiche. Or vice versa.

Andrew really, really likes Popeye.

10 thoughts on “More Art from Andrew Farago

  1. You gonna replace the missing stuff in the original archives, for the sake of completeness and new readers’ benefit?

  2. You gonna replace the missing stuff in the original archives, for the sake of completeness and new readers’ benefit?

    Yeah, when I get around to it. I’m lazy.

  3. Leon: Female clothing in fictional settings only conforms to gravity when it’s funny, or if drawn by Ken Akamatsu. Otherwise, women’s garments are imbued with a power known only by its Latin name, “editorus standard conformus”, roughly translated as “conforming to editorial standards”, meaning that it is exactly as revealing as it is allowed to be under the local taste and propriety standards as evaluated by the editor. In mature comics, this means that all women’s clothing is made of tissue paper. In children’s comics, it simply means that leather adheres to the chest without any other visible means of support, regardless of how little of it is on top.

  4. Leon: Maybe it’s really stiff material and the sleeves are keeping it up?

     Shaenon: Yay!  And any complaints on my part about laziness would be hypocritical, so whenever.

  5. Okay, so recently I’ve really gotten into batman as I wait for the next movie. I’ve basically been reading my way through the wikipedia articles on him and all the villains. As I was looking at the Joker I saw something interesting. Instead of Batman calling him insane, he said he had “super-sanity.” Basically Joker is the only character who can break the fourth wall. I’ve also noticed that the only characters in Narbonic who break the fourth wall are those who can also comprehend all the insanity. I just thought it was interesting. 

  6. Justin: yeah, its a long running gag with the mad (joker, mad scientists, loonytoons), and those in mad worlds. it is hard to be around the mad without getting caught up in the madness. mmm…

    Marraders from Mage: The Ascenscion were a fun extream of that. willworkers who were insane, and subjected all those around them to Their vision of reality. there were some fun ones… the Wolf (bat-man knock off, who incedently was a mad scientist type), Team 42 (bunch of FPS geeks). i always wanted to throw a couple Star-wars ish themed marraders at my players. never got around to it.

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