It’s true! Andrew’s not a science-fiction nerd, only a comic-book nerd! He’d never watched “Star Trek” or anything before he met me. How is that even possible?

I actually did draw this at Super-Con in Hayward. Many of the people in the crowd are based on reality. That guy in the wizard robes used to show up at every Bay Area con, sometimes dressed as Optimus Prime. I haven’t seen him lately, sad to say.

My T-shirt reads “Secret History of the Comics,” which was the title of a zine Andrew produced (available through the Couscous Store!). I’ve mentioned this before, but for a number of years Andrew and I made CafePress T-shirts commemorating each of our Alternative Press Expo appearances. The “Secret History of the Comics” shirt was one of them.

4 thoughts on “MileHiCon

    • Really… What would she know about sex? She’s married, nyao!

      (I’m so gonna get banned for that one, nya! >^___^<)

  1. Did you actually attend that panel?  And how many times was the word “rishathra” used?

    (TUNE: “When You Wish Upon A Star”, Leigh Harline and Ned Washington)

    When you “rish” your brand-new friend,
    How you wish it would not end!
    Having fun … with a-li-en …
    A dream come true!

    If you’ve both got naughty bits,
    Try to find a way that fits!
    We’ve all heard … of Niven’s word,
    When E.T.’s screw!

  2. I can actually answer that. See I helped Rose with programing that year. And the answer is “law of funny”. Also the comic is about romance and mad science so it seemed a better fit than, say, Connie Willis.

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