Yeah, so obviously I love it when people do stuff like this. I was delighted that some enterprising folks put James Rice’s pumpkin stencil to good use. Look how awesome!

I believe this was after I stopped selling Evil Tees, so I gave people permission to make their own versions if they so desired. In these happier times, of course, official Evil Tees are plentiful and available through the ComicSpace Store.

So what has James Rice been up to lately? Sending his gerbil Speedy on globetrotting adventures, as usual. Last year, for example, Speedy went to Spain. Writes James:

In May, my good friends Betty & Daniel, (and apparently a small cow and dinosaur), went to Spain to hike the El Camino de Santiago, a 250 kilometer pilgrimage trail, to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Speedy went along for the cultural enrichment. The cultureal enricment apparently took the form of sitting on Don Quixote’s spur, and drinking too much sangria, althought there was the amazing artchtecutre to see as well. 250 kilometers is a long way to walk when you have tiny legs so Speedy covered much of the trail in Betty’s backpack. I think it was awfully nice of her to offer to carry Speedy when he got tired. Betty, Danial, Speedy and the rest of the group made the complete journey, and the humans got compostelas, certificates of accomplishment given to pilgrims on completing the Way.

Later, Speedy visited the Bonneville Salt Flats, as he often does. But this time he had tiny steampunk goggles!

James reports that Speedy also “got his fastest record run to date, a 415mph record in car 411, the Burkland Family Streamliner.”

I have more Speedy photos from James, but they’ll have to wait for another Sunday.

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