Hic! The Art of Talia Karn, Shweta Narayan, Jason Thompson, and Dirk Tiede

Ha! Naked Artie! These are all awesome. Jason Thompson is really good at monsters and had previously drawn a bunch of demons for one of the strips in the “Demons” storyline, so of course I was delighted when he drew me a Mongor. SPOILERS: I made him do it again for the final Narbonic strip.

Helen is wearing Lea Hernandez’s “I’m Hurting Comics” T-shirt, which I also own. I even still carry the “I’m Hurting Comics” manifesto in my wallet, to whip out when people accuse me of hurting comics by complaining about stuff.

In recent art news, just to extend the holiday season a bit, here’s a piece from the redoubtable Ed Gedeon.

Ed explains:

At my current employer, they have whiteboards all over the building, which people use during impromptu meetings or even for occasional random graffiti. Last December, I drew a sketch of little Helen with Santa, then captured the image with my phone. Just this past week I found it, cleaned it up and colored it.

Thanks, Ed! And thanks, everyone in the above strip!

4 thoughts on “Hic! The Art of Talia Karn, Shweta Narayan, Jason Thompson, and Dirk Tiede

  1. Naked Artie is almost as awesome as naked Mell, but I never saw naked Helen.  Please, somebody post the link.

  2. (TUNE: “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, Coots & Gillespie)

    You better look out!
    You better run fast!
    You need to escape
    The nuclear blast!
    Helen Narbon’s blowing through town!

    No longer alone,
    No longer so sad …
    Her daughter’s her clone
    Who’s gonna go mad!
    Helen Narbon’s blowing through town!

        Her daughter, Helen Beta,
        Is gonna make you scream!
        She’ll melt her eye out later,
        Once she gets her Bio-Beam!

    But she never pouts,
    And she never cries!
    (Don’t ask her about
    Those NRC guys!)
    Helen Narbon’s blowing through town!

  3. Let’s be honest, if Mell and DuPree met each other, they’d either be best friends or destroy the world in their battle.

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