Helen Paper Doll, Revised

Man, I should do more paper doll sets. I’ve been meaning to do some for Skin Horse, but you know how it is.

More recently, Valerie Kaplan designed this logo for Narbonics Labs, based on the business card briefly glimpsed in the very first week of strips:

Look how adorable! The embroidered patch was part of a costume that also included this equally adorable pea-plant breeding experiment:

Valerie writes: The genes being studied in the pea plants, as you can see, are green/yellow peas, dark/light flowers, and carnivorous/non-carnivorous. (This last is strictly a behavioural difference and doesn’t photograph, I’m afraid.)

Thanks so much, Valerie!

11 thoughts on “Helen Paper Doll, Revised

  1. Wow!  Valerie Kaplan is the fount of all that is adorable.  I kept meaning to print and cut out the paper dolls, and now I shall.  Skin Horse paper dolls would be so fabulous, but Tip alone would require an entire book (pretty please).

    And, of course, tune: “Paper Doll,” Johnny S. Black, recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1943

    I’d rather have a paper doll that looks like Helen N.
    Than any other paper doll that be
    With her heart-covered pants and bra
    She fills my heart with awwww
    Especially when inked by Valerie

    I love that she has t-shirts fat and thinner
    Because my closet looks like that as well
    I’m glad to have a paper doll that looks like Helen N.
    But, gee, the cast of Skin Horse would be swell

  2. Kay: Aw, thanks!  I did, in fact, volunteer to make Skin Horse paper dolls, proving that I am INSANE, but I need starting sketches of the cast in their undies (as applicable) to trace into Flash.  (Vectors are my friends.  No actual ink was involved.)

  3. Darn it, Kay, you beat me to the good tune … well, here’s another appropriate song:

    (TUNE: “Barbie Girl”, Aqua)

    I’m a paper doll
    In my wherewithall!
    In my undies … with my sundries!
    You can cut out these
    And dress me as you please!
    Then Valerie played,
    Gave them RGB shades!

    Half-nude Helen, so compellin’!
       (repeat CHORUS)

    As a scientist mad,
    She does things that are bad!
    See right there? On her shirt, it says “evil”!
    Though her closet’s a mess,
    You can help her to dress!
    Yes you should!  If you don’t, well then, we will!
    In her sweats … in her jeans …
    She’s the evil girl of my dreams!
       (repeat CHORUS)

  4. If there are such great paper dolls, can there be any doubt that we would be far away from a Narbonic/Skin Horse paper animated series?

  5. Ed: Aaaaaugh not Barbie Girl get it out of my head argharghargh…

    Wayne: For something of that magnitude, I better be getting paid.  (And strictly speaking, these are Flash dolls.)

  6. Skin Horse paper dolls seem problematic, in that half the main cast doesn’t wear clothes (I’m counting both Nicks to get that number, and not counting Moustachio’s hat), and one of those that does changes body parts (or entire bodies) as well.

    I suppose you could make up for it with Tip’s wardrobe, and little hats and goggles for Sweetheart. And dark glasses for everybody.

    Bringing in the secondary cast offers richer options, of course; particularly Tigerlily in stuff you really have to be Mad to pull off, and an entire range of adorkable pajamas for Dr. Lee.

  7. John: I was, indeed, planning to make adorable little hats for Sweetheart, and brass accessories for Moustachio.  Now, the really tricky one would be Gavotte…

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