This one’s been missing from the archives for a long time. Fortunately, I was able to dig up my illustration and the link, miraculously, still works, so everyone can share the horror again.

I was trying to color Helen’s legs to indicate pantyhose, but it didn’t work out. Putting the result through som weird Photoshop filter only made things worse. This is what I get for coloring directly onto my original art, which I continued to do through the entire run of Narbonic. I’m reckless that way.

I recall that at least one computer programmer did threaten Dave with ninja assassins.

12 thoughts on “Gerbildance

  1. Update: Ok, I’m following the link and–

    Aaagh! Oh, no! No, God, no!


    (Just kidding. :D)

  2. I’d never send a ninja aganst Dave. The Mafia hitmen are so muchmore cost-effective. And the merc snipers who can put a fiftycaliber bullet into his cigarette from a klick away are also having asale…
    jawolf36, 23 April 2001.

  3. I also got a load of intrusive popups when I clicked on the picture.  What gibes?

  4. The popups the link produces are for a product called DR

    rivecleaner, about which Symantec says:

    DriveCleaner is a misleading application, which gives exaggerated reports of security and privacy risks on a computer. The program then prompts the user to purchase a registered version of the software in order to remove the reported risks.

  5. Further news: if you clicked anywhere in those pop-up boxes, inclduing the ‘Cancel’ button or even the little red x in the corner that usually closes the window, Drivecleaner takes that as permission to instal itself.  My wife didn’t know this when she looked at the site and closed the pop-ups normally.  I’ve just had to run our security software to remove this product.

    The only safe way to get rid of such windows is to use Ctrl-Alt-Del and end the process that controls them.

  6. Uh… I had no pop-ups, really. I tell a lie, one got past Firefox one time. But I checked with both IE and Firefox… do you guys have pop-up blockers disabled?

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