Dave Davenport Paper Doll

I went all-out for Dave, using three sheets of paper so I could make extra outfits for him. I was inspired.

The anime face on the T-shirt is from Key the Metal Idol. My friend Mee-Lise and I were strangely obsessed with this series in college, and particularly with one of the minor characters, a chubby otaku named Tsukiyama. Tsukiyama wears a nerd vest like the one I drew over the T-shirt. Man, I loved Tsukiyama. He was so cool.

I ended up drawing Dave in that tweed blazer a lot. I thought he looked cute. I may have been wrong.

Tsukiyama’s so awesome.

5 thoughts on “Dave Davenport Paper Doll

  1. What I’m wondering is, why does Dave’s Super mask have stalks?
    Also, that monogrammed shirt doesn’t seem very characteristic of a mere IT graduate.

  2. It is not a monogrammed shirt – it’s the monogrammed pajamas his paternal grandmother got him when he went to college. It has been worn rarely, so it’s in better shape than most of his button-downs. Helen noticed when he wore it to work on Laundry Day, but she didn’t say anything as her sprites were arguing about how to handle it all day, leaving her alone to do some serious work for once.

  3. OMG! At first I thought the anime face was one of those “Unicorn Power” T-shirts that every girl (and some of the guys) was wearing when I was in High School… you know, the ones printed on a rubberized background that you could smell 5 desks away?

    And what’s worse… my first reaction was “That’s so Dave.”




  4. I am always surprised and happy to find out someone else knows and loves Key the Metal Idol. I own the series on DVD and love it in all it’s weird, musical, pant-less glory!

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