Dangling Plot Thread Roundup

Many of these old plot threads get picked up over the course of “Demons” and the next storyline, “Mad Science Is Decadent and Depraved,” so I thought it’d be helpful to mention them again and jog readers’ memories. I never did a feature like this again, even though it might have been useful later on as well. Then again, we’re currently about halfway through Narbonic, which is as logical a time as any to do this.

As I’ve said many times already, I’m not happy with the way this storyline turned out, but it was good for tying up a few old plotlines and advancing a few others. It’s also crucial in advancing, or at least complicating, the Dave/Helen relationship.

Andrew and I really did watch a lot of Sid and Marty Krofft around this time.

8 thoughts on “Dangling Plot Thread Roundup

  1. (TUNE: “Memories”, Andrew Lloyd Webber)

    Sunday …
    Need a strip for a Sunday …
    I don’t have an idea,
    Time is running out fast!
    It’s too soon to
    Have Andrew draw a filler for me …
    I’ll just recap what has passed …

    Plot threads,
    All those dangling plot threads …
    They’re so tangled and knotted,
    Such confusion severe!
    Guess it’s time to
    Remind you what the heck’s going on,
    Just in case they re-appear.

    Weaving all the plots together,
    Man, this isn’t easy!
    Ev’ryone knows
    Sid & Marty Krofft shows
    Are glo-ri-ous-ly cheesy!

    Help me!
    I need fan art or haiku!
    Now the comic is half-through
    Its original run …
    I need something to fill another Sunday for me …
    Wait, I just did …
    Guess … it’s … done!

  2. Sometimes you’ve got to get through the hard plot points to give the overall story a greater strength.

  3. “She wouldn’t do it for FREE?” actually makes a lot of sense in hindsight – only base carnal urges can stay Dr. N from instantly accepting a delicious murder, but why, Helen asks himself, would his mother hesitate killing a man she had yet never met face to face?

    The answer, as this very page mentions, is that she met Dave age 6 and was thus able to anticipate that he would mature into the handsome beast we all know today.

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