Character Design Stuff

Why, yes, I did draw this with a Sharpie! Thanks for asking!

Did we ever get around to using these characters in the RPG playtests? I can’t remember.

After doodling these, I was kind of sorry I never included any giant pulsating brains in Narbonic. Giant brains are actually pretty great.

I was totally into the movie Lady Frankenstein around this time. Actually, just the poster, which looks nothing like anyone or anything in the film. Of course I also love Manos: The Hands of Fate, one of the quintessential “Mystery Science Theater 3000” movies.

Not my best drawings, but I should have done this type of feature more often. I’ve been trying to include more production stuff in the Sunday features for Skin Horse.

7 thoughts on “Character Design Stuff

  1. Today I’ve realised that elegant bald ladies exemplify a certain kind of sinister retro science-fiction better than anything else.

  2. I realise that it’s a necklace now that I’ve looked again, but on first glance I thought that was some sort of port or shunt on Mark’s Maker’s neck.

  3. THIS is why you absolutely MUST share the Narbonic RPG with us! I mean, really now, if there can be RPGs about Maids ( why can’t we have a Narbonic/Skin Horse RPG And Resource Book?

    (And yes, I own a copy of Maid RPG. I haven’t actually played it yet, but it’s silly and it looks like a lot of fun. And besides, who wouldn’t enjoy a chance to roleplay Helen, Mell, Nick, or even Unity?)

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