Man, James Rice is all over these Sunday installments. Is it time for Matrix nostalgia yet? Will it ever be time for Matrix nostalgia? I would say no, but supposedly there’s Tron nostalgia going around, so anything’s possible.

I was going to post new bonus Sunday stuff today, but my computer totally crashed on Thursday night and I can’t get to my fan art and stuff. I’m writing this from my laptop at the coffee shop up the street. I am going to get so fat on hot chocolates until my desktop is fixed.

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  1. The background text in this image wasn’t exactly random.  It was taken from some E-mails from Shaenon, but each character was changed.  I think we were discussing toothpicks.  All true fans of Narbonic should know the two meanings of 5478.   I think this was the fastest an funnest of the Narbonic movie posters I did. 

  2. (TUNE: “42nd Street”, Al Dubin & Harry Warren)

    What a great … historic date!
    It’s the birthday of the artist we love …
    Five / four / seven-eight!

    Also used … to designate …
    It’s the “RT” test that Helen loves best!

    Little Artie, he’s a smartie,
    Feeling mighty fine!
    Sarge creating, celebrating,
    Feasts on cake and wine!

    Get them straight!  There’s no debate!
    See the digits four that we all adore!

  3. Well, us forum-ites have created fanfic inspired by the comic, and there’s been fanart created of that… could work!

  4. Let’s not forget the other meanings of 5478:
    * Distance in metres from Dave’s apartment to the lab’s highway median strip entrance.
    * Dave’s ‘Dig Dug’ high score divided by 10.
    * Total amount of bullets fired by Mell throughout the whole series.
    * Total amount of dollars Dave spends on cigarettes throughout the whole foliation of time in which he buys cigarettes.
    * Last 4 digits of Foxy Cop’s phone number.
    * First 4 digits of Dr. Narbon’s phone number.
    * Number of minutes Mell spends dead and in Heaven (OH UM SPOILERS).

    Query: what is the ‘Narbonic Sunday font’ used in this and other episodes?

  5. @adam:  Well, Ed kind of already explained it, but if you don’t feel like reading the filks:

    Artie’s original “name” was RT-5478, presumably a serial number. In the Director’s Cut, Shaenon told us that she chose that number because her birthdate is 5-4-78.

  6. So It Begins: Alas, the elusive triple recursion eludes us.James, thank you so much for making this fanart of my fanart.

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