4 thoughts on “Artie Paper Doll

  1. More like, “not vamping like Helen”.  I’m shurely not the first to note that Artie’s transformations would make him a unique make stripper… (Artie:  “Help, help, I’m being objectified!”)

  2. (TUNE: “I Saw Her Standing There”, The Beatles)

    Well, he stands six-foot-four,
    Perhaps a bit more …
    Partially dressed, t-shirt and socks and jockeys!
    Artie, he looks a bit nervous
    As he stands in un-der-wear!

    Helen built up a man
    As best as she can …
    I’m not surprised, nothing she does can shock me!
    It’s just a bit of fan service,
    As he stands in un-der-wear!

    Never saw him nude!
    And the girls all booed
    When he wound up shoe-ed
    And clothed!  Ohhhh …

    Well, he ain’t got a clue
    What ape couples do!
    Zeta, I know, wants to play tonsil hockey!
    Through the fourth wall, he’ll observe us
    As he stands in un-der-wear!

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