April Fools with Terrance Marks and Isabel Gonzalez

This strip is dedicated to Terrance 'Dave' Marks and Isabel 'Dave' Gonzalez.
This strip is dedicated to Terrance 'Dave' Marks and Isabel 'Dave' Gonzalez.
This strip is dedicated to Terrance 'Dave' Marks and Isabel 'Dave' Gonzalez.
What we have here is The Nice April Fools’ Day Mix-Up. Basically, various cartoonists in The Nice are drawing each others’ strips for the day, swapping at random. Terrence Marks and Isabel Gonzalez of Unlike Minerva drew Narbonic. I drew Eversummer Eve. It’s wacky! And I can’t thank Terrence and Isabel enough for this extremely neat comic, and for drawing the single cutest version of Mell ever.

Originally this ran on April 1, which was a Monday. I moved it to Sunday in the archives…and then lost it at some point. Sorry about that. I swear I’ll get the main Narbonic archives updated with all these lost Sunday features at some point. Anyway, this is super cute, and as a “Mystery Science Theater 3000” fan I obviously loved it. “That was just a dream I had” is my favorite line. Doing the strip swap was fun. My Eversummer Eve comic involved a dog trainer based on Daniel Pinkwater, I think. It was pretty rough-looking because I hadn’t drawn many longform comics.

While we’re at it, here’s some art from Ed Gedeon, who writes, “First, how would you modify the pink-heart-evil shirt for man-Helen; and second, how would you modify the same shirt for a Dalek? (Since Helen and the Daleks both share the goal of subjugating the human race, they’d probably be best buds.)”

This is Ed’s answer to his own question. Thanks, Ed!

People who read my LiveJournal may have already seen this, but for my birthday this year, Andrew commissioned a “Doctor Who” sketch from Roger Langridge, who does comics and spot illustrations for Doctor Who magazine in Britain. As you can see, Ed is right: Helen and Daleks get along just fine.

12 thoughts on “April Fools with Terrance Marks and Isabel Gonzalez

  1. Helen-[MarksGonzales] is hot.

    Also: Is anyone getting shades of Jane Narbon from that first comic?

  2. You know, about a year or so ago I discovered two things that Narbonic and Mystery Science Theater 3000 have in common: one, that they feature evil science laboratories whose names end in “-onic”, and two, that their star characters are menial workers who are revealed to actually be more brilliant inventors than their scientist employers. (Previously) And even though the second similarity doesn’t enter the fray until later on, it stands to reason that a comic combining the two would eventually be made.

  3. Coming soon: the Broadway musical, “Hello, Dalek!” 

    (Why has no one done this yet?  A quick Google search turned up nothing … oh well, I had a couple of minutes free on the weekends anyway…)

    • Good question, actually… I mean, there’s actual Dalek porn, so why not a musical?

      (Yes, there really _is_ Dalek porn out there somewhere. And no, I’m not posting a link to it! Good luck finding a copy, BTW, because Terry Nation’s estate sued the creator for copyright infringement and got most of the copies pulled off the market and destroyed.)

  4. Manga Helen and Mell: OMG So CUUUUUUUTE!!!! And I thought I was in love with Helen before. Now I’m just plain twitterpated.

    I liked the Roger Langridge drawing so much I printed out a copy to hang at my desk at work.

    [Shameless Doctor Who-related plug: Neill Gorton, who does prosthetics, makeup, animatronics, props, etc. for Doctor Who, was at Comic-con showing off his new line a high-end replicas, including sonic screwdrivers and the head of Davros. They’re not quite ready yet, but check out the MFX Warehouse link at http://www.neillgorton.co.uk/ to get on the mailing list. Then check out Neill’s other companies just because they’re cool!]

  5. Goodness, they really are.

    I rather enjoyed reading through the posted scans of the “Green-Eyed Monster” story as a sort of silent movie (there are no dialogue balloons).

  6. Manga-style Helen and Mell made me totally squee, nyao! I want more Narbonic Manga!!

    And the pic of Helen tinkering on a Dalek deserves to be made canon, if only for the fact that she would totally do something like that!

  7. This comic appears to be missing the first image.  Apart from the images being numbered 2-4, Helen starts out with what sounds like an answer to something Dave said.

    I hope that first image still exists somewhere.

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