APE Sketches, 2006

Dude, this is an amazing group of cartoonists! But I want to call special attention to the sketch by Trudy Cooper, creator of Platinum Grit and Oglaf, at bottom center. Trudy is Australian, and I had no idea she was in the States at all, much less appearing at APE, the year this went down. I freaked out and went full pimply fangirl on her. I’ve been a fan of her work since I was in high school; it’s a little embarrassing how obviously Platinum Grit influenced Narbonic. So getting this little sketch from her was the thrill of a lifetime.

Then later she drew a sexy sexy pinup of Demon Slayer Seth. That was the thrill of three lifetimes.

But everybody on this page is so great, and they’ve all been good to me over the years. Neil Babra, who was one of the regular artists on the acclaimed Flight anthologies, also drew the Li’l Mell story “Adjustment,” a.k.a. the one with Adult Sergio. Erika Moen recently did a sweet pinup for Narbonic: The Perfect Collection. And you need to read Jason Thompson’s recent graphic novel The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, Leia Weathington’s recent graphic novel The Legend of Bold Riley, and Thien Pham’s upcoming graphic novel Sumo.

I know too many awesome people.

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