An Evil Cake Recipe

Could it be? Could we have reached the one-year mark? Man, time flies.

Julie Hamilton, previously notable for penning the Disturbing Palindrome Song of the Mutant Gerbils, is a college friend, and she originally got this cake recipe from our circle of college friends (specifically, I believe, through our friend Mike McGuire). It was popularly known, for obscure reasons, as Stand Up and Fuck Cake, hence Artie’s comment in the third panel. It’s a tasty cake.

A year already? I’d better get started on a new strip.

8 thoughts on “An Evil Cake Recipe

  1. If it’s a no-bake cake, why do the instructions say to bake 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees?  I are confusified.

    Then again, after reading the nickname, I think I’ll just Shut Up and Bake.  And serve it to my wife.

  2. Well, if Artie gets to swim in the coffee, I guess he gets to
    sit on the cake….  In that last panel, he seems less sure than Helen of Mell’s aim.

  3. Mell has a large pointy sharp thing.  We love large pointy sharp things.  And the people who have them.

  4. > A new webcomic? You really do love drawing, don’t you?

    Well, we can hope…  Hope that the cartoonist’s love of drawing conquers her laziness.

    Hey, instead of Skin Horse, you could draw “Shaenon Psychomachia Theater”!  SEE the author’s personality traits duke it out for supremacy! 


  5. Skin horse:  Or you could draw in color, so the guy doesn’t have to tell us that his sweater is pink! 😉

    Josh:  “And Sloth has Talent pinned, but Talent’s still got the pencils, and… ooh, that’s gotta hurt!”

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