A Narbonic Coloring Book

Because I thought it’d be fun, that’s why. I did another installment a few weeks later. At one point, devoted reader James Rice made up spiral-bound print versions of the activity book, and I sold them through the website until I ran out.

Helen is a woman of simple and immediately discernible tastes.

The best part of this activity, of course, is that my end of it is very easy to draw. Good work, me!

As a gerbil, Artie is of Mongolian origin, and the culture of the area is of great interest to him. It’s only natural for him to worry about the future of Tuvan throat-singing. The rest of these are just needless fretting.

A light box is really, really useful for doing easy connect-the-dots.

5 thoughts on “A Narbonic Coloring Book

  1. Isn’t this something of a Schrodinger’s BFG though, inasmuch as it’s existence depends on the action of the observer.  I suggest, therefore, that your count is now indefinite at best.


  2. And the action of the observer depends on whether he wants to make Mell very unhappy. We have a count of at least 22.95.

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