A Mother’s Day Poem

This one’s goofy, but I still like it, although it was a bad idea to write key words in borderline-nonphoto blue. I don’t know why I did that. This is pretty much the cutest Helen has looked up to this point. Also, I own a pair of bell bottoms pretty much like those.

As an extra this Sunday, I’d like to share a fantastic set of drawings from Sir Real. They’re the Narbonic characters drawn in the styles of various other lady cartoonists: Helen after Jennifer Camper, Dave after the great Lynda Barry, and Mell after Rose O’Neill.

And Dana the insane gerbil, again in a Lynda Barry-inspired style. I was very touched by this, because Lynda Barry is one of my very favorite cartoonists. Thanks so much, Sir Real! And sorry for taking so long to share these!

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Poem

  1. Open mic nights are another old webcomic tradition, dating back to Sinfest, and, well… just Sinfest. Speaking of which, good job on Helen’s costume for today.

    Let’s talk about colour again: were Dr. N’s colours always supposed to be dark purple and green? I was thinking she’d wear colours that were, um, a little more adjacent to Beta’s.
    (And, ah, what’s with her lips?)

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