The T-Shirt Contest Continues Some More

And now, at long last, the final entries from the Summer T-Shirt Contest. Today is dedicated to photos submitted by my very own family. This is my cousin Kim at Ocean City.This is a picture of Kim Thomas.
This is also a picture of Kim Thomas. These are (from left to right) my cousin Carson, my aunt Kerry, my cousin Killian, and my uncle Harold, all at Idlewild Park in Pennsylvania. This is a picture of the Kelty-Hawk family. And here’s Killian drowning in a vat of giant Trix… This is a picture of Killian Hawk. Here’s Kerry hanging out with Snow White…This is a picture of Kerry Kelty and Snow White. And here’s the whole family with internationally famous superstar Cowboy Joe, at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh.This is a picture of Cowboy Joe. Here are Kerry, Killian, Carson, and my mother with Gumby.This is a picture of Gumby. Obviously, Kerry and Harold got really into the whole photo contest thing. Not even their cats escaped the photo frenzy.This is a picture of two helpless animals.What could possibly top these spectacular Narbonic-related photos?

Yes, I have a very supportive family. You should’ve seen the Kelty-Hawks when they came out to form my posse at Non-Con, all in their matching T-shirts.

Mell’s military/career path is based partly on my cousin Kim, seen above looking hot. I guess there’s a certain physical resemblance, too. Kim is now a lawyer in D.C. and has a baby that’s bigger than she is.

Both Idlewild and Kennywood were regular summer destinations for my family when I was growing up. The year I moved to San Francisco, at age 22, was the first year I didn’t make it to Kennywood. I’ve had my picture taken with Cowboy Joe many, many times.

Sadly, the Gumby photo has been lost. (UPDATE: Thanks once more to Joseph Winston, we have Gumby! Joseph writes, “Is this creepy? Having all this stuff…” No, Joseph. It is AWESOME.)

Those poor, poor cats.

Yes, it’s horribly doctored photos of your own humble cartoonist, created by my uncle Harold.This is a picture of me, age seven.
This is a picture of my first Holy Communion.And there you have it, folks. Thanks to everyone who participated in the first Narbonic Summer T-Shirt Contest, even those who desecrated vintage portraits of me.

Now, this is just uncalled for. Why would anyone, much less a member of my own family, deface my own First Communion portrait in the name of a T-shirt contest? I mean, look how cute I was!

I think the first photo was taken when I was six or seven, during the brief period when my family lived in Texas, as evidenced by the fact that I’m wearing a Christmas reindeer pin and it’s clearly 80 degrees outside.

Damn, I was cute.

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  1. Shaenon, if you ever get your picture on a postage stamp, tell them to use that first communion picture.  With the added lettering.  I want to pinch your cheek as well.

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